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VamShop 2.48

New version available VamShop 2.48


1. New shipping module added - SDEK.
2. New shipping module added - SPSR.
3. New product columns added: length, width, height, volume.
4. New columns added to Import/Export module.
5. New placeholder added {product_length}.
6. New placeholder added {product_width}.
7. New placeholder added {product_height}.
8. New placeholder added {product_volume}.
9. New placeholder added {cookie}.
10. New placeholder added {payment_methods}.
11. New placeholder added {shipping_methods}.
12. New placeholder added {cdek_pvz}.
13. New parameters added to the content_listing tag.
14. Help text added to the Admin - Extensions - Tags page.
15. Sypex IP Geo API added.

VamShop 2.47

New version VamShop 2.47 available.


1. New shipping module — PickPoint.
2. Customers search added.
3. New smarty placeholder shopping_cart_in.
4. New smarty placeholder free_download.
5. Stat graphs corrected at admin dashboard.
6. Html minification off at debug mode.
7. Yandex.Metrika stat code changes.
8. Added CakePHP system messages localization.
9. New css file sequence-left.css added for sequence slider.
10. {my_orders} placeholder changes.
11. Order admin view template changes.
12. Product images added to the product listing at admin side.
13. Php 7.1 fixes.
14. Shopping cart box fixes.
15. JS confirmation window added for mass operations.

VamShop 2.46

New version VamShop 2.46 available.


1. New module - Gift.
2. bxSlider added for additional images at product info page.
3. Admin dashboard news tab added.
4. Privacy text added to the reviews module.
5. New tag {product_ordered} added.

Gift Module

New module Gift available for VamShop.


VamShop 2.45

VamShop 2.45 Available.


1. Composer integrated for library install/update.
2. Smarty placeholders moved to /app/Catalog.
3. Privacy text added to the contact page.
4. Privacy text added to the one click buy module.
5. Privacy text added to the ask a question module.
6. Ajax sessions timeout fixed.
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