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VamShop 2.53

New version VamShop 2.53 available.


New shipping module PEK available.
Email tetemplates rewritten for smarty template engine.
New placeholders for email templates.
HTML format for email enabled.
Notify customer checkbox selected by default at Admin - Orders - View order.
Translation added for shipping and payment methods at admin.
New smarty email templates.
Smarty updated to the current version 3.1.32.
HTML editor height increased by default.

VamShop 2.52

New version VamShop 2.52 available.


1. Fixes for php 7.2 compatibility.
2. New sales report added to admin dashboard.
3. Shipping module EMS uses new API.
4. Filter box template fixes.
5. CSV Import/Export for product attributes, specifications, filters.
6. Filter box usability enhanced.
7. Customer registration error fixed.
8. 404 redirect recovered.

New language pack added - Portuguese

Portuguese language pack added for VamShop.

You can download it at Addons section - ... nglefile.php?cid=5&lid=44

VamShop 2.51

New version VamShop 2.50 available.


1. New payment module - Bitcoin.
2. New payment module - Ethereum.
3. Fixes for php 7.2 compatibility.
4. CakePHP updated to 2.10.8 for php 7.2 compatibility.
5. Price fixes at Google Shopping module.
6. Placeholder free_download fixes.
7. Placeholder xsell price display fixes.
8. New parameter manufacturer_url added to the content_listing tag.
9. Currency display for email templates.
10. New placeholders shipping_method_description and payment_method_description.

VamShop 2.50

New version VamShop 2.50 available.


1. Navigation fixes at admin.
2. New default font Roboto.
3. jQuery updated to 3.3.1.
4. Bootstrap fixes for jQuery 3.3.1.
5. Code fixes for jQuery 3.3.1
6. Default font size increased.
7. Color correction for W3C WCAG standard.
8. Accessibility fixes.
9. Import/export fixes.
10. Ajax indicator image added to the checkout page.
11. New attribute parent_id for content_listing, search_result, xsell tags.
12. New attribute plain for product_price tag.
13. Html fixes at attributes page.
14. New placeholders at shopping cart.
15. New routes.php settings for json files.
16. New placholder page_description.
17. Session settings fixes, new option chekAgent added.
18. Payment method Yandex fixes.
19. Cross sells template fixes.
20. jQuery plugin chosen added for Parent select field.
21. jQuery plugin chosen added for categories navigation at admin.
22. jQuery plugin chosen added for Brands.
23. jQuery plugin chosen added for Country and State fields at the checkout page.
24. PHP warning fixes at the checkout page.
25. Error layout fixes.
26. New placeholder $language for the current language code.
27. shipping_methods and payment_methods placeholders fixes.
28. jQuery module scrollup fixes.
29. jQuery Validate updated.
30. jQuery MaskedInput updated.
31. jQuery Colorbox updated.
32. jQuery UI updated.
33. jQuery bxSlider updated.
34. jQuery DynaTree updated.
35. jQuery modules fixes for jQuery 3.3.1 compatibility.
36. PHP warnings fixed.
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