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VamShop : VamShop 2.43
Posted by VaM on 2017/3/28 16:11:31 (1001 reads)

New version VamShop 2.43 available.

1. After process order payment added.
2. Google Shopping data feed added.
3. PHPMailer updated to 5.2.22.
4. PHP RSS parser SimplePie added.
5. Signature check at webmoney payment module changed from md5 to sha256.
6. Dumper changes for php 7/php 5 compatibility.
7. Dumper fixes for InnoDB tables.
8. New tag {payment_after}.
9. Payment form added at customers account page.
10. Abandoned carts module fixes.
11. Payment module yandex fixes.
12. {content_listing} tag fixes.
13. DKIM settings added to email component.
14. Phone name clickable now at the header.
15. Mainpage slider settings moved from home page settings to main layout template.
16. Header fixes for smartphones.
17. TinyMCE fixes, all images now responsive.
18. Auto generated aliases fixes.
19. PclZip library updated for php 7 compatibility.
20. Stylesheets export fixes for php 7 compatibility.
21. Templates export for php 7 compatibility.
22. HTML code highlighting added for users tags code.
23. SKU field added to the order products table.

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