VamShop 2.56

Date 2018/8/23 22:33:04 | Topic: VamShop

VamShop 2.56 available.


1. Customer Messages added.
2. Orders sort by customer added.
3. Contact Us messages added at Admin - Tools - Contact Us.
4. Contact Us answers, history etc.
5. Contact Us tab added to admin dashboard.
6. Answer templates added for contact us messages.
7. Search Log added.
8. Search Log tab added to admin dashboard.
9. Search Sort sort by number of queries.
10. Virtual field total for search log rating.
11. Mass delete action for contact us messages.
12. Answers history page for contact us messages.
13. Translation fixes.
14. Fixes at contact us messages page.
15. Contact us dashboard widget, 18 last messages.
16. Filter get form display.
17. Orders sort by customer.
18. Customers button added to dashboard.
19. Customer messages page added.
20. Customer messages saved to database.
21. PickPoint shipping method fixes.
22. New placeholder {filter_variants}
23. Filter variants links available for search engine crawlers.
24. New jquery module for masked input. jQuery maskedInput replace with cleave.js
25. jQuery Cookie added by default.
26. Bootstrap Affix top fixes.
27. New parameter category_url for content_listing placeholder
28. Help text added for manufacturer paremeter at content_listing
29. Source code fixes.
30. New db tables for contact us messages, customer messages, search log etc.

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