VamShop 2.57

Date 2018/10/14 18:22:01 | Topic: VamShop

VamShop 2.57 Available.


1. New module added - Social Login.
2. New module added - Yandex Turbo.
3. New module added - Product variants.
4. New module added - Archive.
5. New module added - GeoCity.
5. Filtered product listing pages available for search engine crawlers.
6. New placeholders for CDEK.
7. New placeholder {filter_active_name}.
8. Placeholders added for minimum and maximum product rating.
9. Add to cart button primary color changed.
10. Product attributes type value fixes.
11. New field for company info added to the customers table.
12. New placeholder for company registration {registration_company_form}.
13. DaData suggestions added to the company registration form.
13. Meta tags fixes.
14. New placeholders for CDEK API.
15. Meta tags fixes.
16. Placeholder {filter_variants} added to the product listing template.
17. Social login plugin addded to the {login_box} placeholder.

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